Initial Design Ideas for Henshall Vehicle Wraps

Kris the managing director of Henshall Electrical is thinking of investing in a new vehicle for his growing business. Before he makes the decision of which colour vehicle to purchase, he has requested for some design concepts to be created. Below are a few visuals showing the new branding on different colour vehicles. Using photoshop to overlay the new branding you can see that the graphics on the black vehicle have the most visual impact. Please feel free to click on the images to see them in more detail.

I am looking forward to developing these to the next stage and will be considering the best type of wrap to use to suit my clients budget.

The mock ups have been great to help visualise and actually see how the new branding could be applied to the vehicles. This has allowed me to identity which colour vehicle appears the most striking.

If you are thinking of branding your vehicle and would like to get noticed wherever you drive please call 07792 798565 or email

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